Think with me: How to group actors in network statistics

  • Abstract: I invite you to a less formal, relaxed discussion and exchange within our Social Sciences department family. To start this round I will give a small impulse, providing examples from my case studies and would like to get to know your perspectives on options for grouping actors especially in the light of environmental governance challenges. The actor grouping in the two examples I am going to introduce follow two very different approaches. In one case the groups had been regionally defined (Bay of Babitonga, Santa Catarina, Brazil), while in the other case (Zanzibar) the actor groups are completely researcher defined. I am looking forward to learn about your impressions concerning the strengths and pitfalls of both approaches (and all in between).
  • Short bio: Theresa Schwenke is a doctoral candidate in the Social-ecological Systems Analysis group. Before she started to work on her doctoral thesis at ZMT, her professional training was strongly focused on biology and environmental protection from an ecocentric perspective and led to a master degree in marine biology. Since then Theresa is looking for synergies and developing approaches that combine ecological and social dimensions without treating one of these dimensions as black box. Consequently she is currently working on a concept and toolbox for social-ecological network analysis to inform decision makers and stakeholders in environmental governance.

This meeting will be conducted in a hybrid format - participants are welcome to join online via Zoom, or in-person in the big seminar room in Building F6. For those wishing to join online, you may join us using the following Zoom link: