The situation of our oceans – endangered environments, threatened climate

Oceans regulate the global ecosystem and influence the climate, as well as being home to around 200,000 species and providing food and an income for millions of people. People living in coastal areas and on islands are particularly dependent on fishing for their livelihood. However, a large percentage of our oceans is overfished and their water is polluted. As a consequence, coral reefs are dying and species diversity is jeopardized. The accumulation of huge quantities of plastic waste in our oceans is particularly perilous as the plastic is gradually ground down into small particles. These particles are then eaten by fish or seabirds and hence enter our food chain. Moreover, the oceans play an important role in regulating the global climate as they absorb a large share of anthropogenic CO2 emissions and thus mitigate global temperature increases.

In this Digital Panel Discussion, four international experts will talk about the situation of our oceans and the role the oceans play in regulating the global ecosystem and climate. Join the event and take part in a discussion on the conservation of the oceans, seas and maritime resources, and how they can be used for sustainable development.