Photo: ZMT

Opening of exhibition featuring research highlights in Bremen

With a welcoming address by the CEO Prof. Dr. Gerold Wefer, the exhibition "Research Highlights in Bremen" of the supporting institutions of the Haus der Wissenschaft was opened yesterday. As one of the sponsors, the ZMT is also present in the exhibition with an exhibit about its research on stony corals as climate archives.

The State of Bremen is characterised by a wide range of institutions that jointly carry the cultural and scientific activities of the State of Bremen. Bremen and Bremerhaven received Germany-wide recognition for this when they were named the very first City of Science in 2005 by the “Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft”. In the exhibition, the sponsors of the house present highlights from their research. Visitors get an insight into current research topics of Bremen institutes from a wide range of disciplines: From marine and social sciences to robotics and research for medical applications.

The exhibition "Research Highlights in Bremen" can be seen at the Haus der Wissenschaft until 27 January 2020. Admission is free!