Zukunftstag am ZMT | Foto: ZMT

27.04.18 | On April 26th, Future Day took place at the ZMT and the institute again offered a diverse programme. 14 students visited ZMT to get an idea of what research feels like and a glimpse into the profession of a marine researcher. For a start, they made a tour through the ZMT’s seawater facilities with its colourful corals and other reef dwellers. Among other activities, the students then determined plankton under a microscope after catching it with a plankton net, performed a DNA analysis on a tomato, measured the characteristics of salt water or looked at a sea urchin’s sting under a scanning electron microscope at 1000x magnification.

Stefanie Bröhl, Constanze von Waldthausen and Jule Mawick supervised the students at the Kuhgraben and in the biolab, Sonja Peters in the molecular laboratory, Sebastian Flotow at the scanning electron microscope and Nico Steinel in the seawater facilities.