Diorama "Integrated Aquaculture", constructed by architecture student Helen Springer | Photo: ZMT

22.11.2018 | The funders of Bremen’s Haus der Wissenschaft organise an annual exhibition on a wide range of topics. This year the show deals with how sustainable our actions are.

How can people lead a good life today without depriving generations to come of the foundations of their future? This question concerns research – but also many people in their daily lives. Because everything we do each day has an impact on the environment: the way we live, feed ourselves, dress and move around or deal with energy.

The goals of sustainable development include conserving resources, distributing wealth more equitably and halting climate change. Science, business and all members of a society must work together to achieve these goals.

ZMT is participating with an exhibit dedicated to the future-oriented approach of integrated aquaculture. A tropical coastal section is depicted in the form of a diorama. It shows elements and action sequences which are connected with the cultivation of organisms with synergy effects in aquaculture.

The exhibition features contributions from Bremen institutions that focus on the topic of sustainability in order to come closer to the goal of a fairer world worth living in. The opening will take place on November 14, from 5 pm at the Haus der Wissenschaft, Sandstraße 4/5. Admission is free. The show runs until January 19, 2019.

Welcoming addresses by:

Prof. Dr. Eva Quante-Brandt

Senator for Science, Health and Consumer Protection

Prof. Dr. Gerold Wefer

Chairman of the Board of the Haus der Wissenschaft e.V.

Further information: https://www.hausderwissenschaft.de/In_Sicht_-_Bremer_Research...html