The 20-minute individual chats with experts from the Leibniz Association take place on August 18 and can now be booked in advance.

28/10/2021 | For all those who are curious and thirsty for knowledge, the Leibniz Association has an exciting offer with the upcoming "Book a Scientist" event on 10 November 2021: Book your exclusive, virtual chat with Leibniz scientists! In personal conversations, our researchers will provide insight into their topics and everyday work, answer individual questions and look forward to exchanging ideas with you.

What influence do siblings have on the education and development of children? How does compulsory insurance help against flood hazards? Why does citizen participation create more acceptance? How does eating work in harmony with the inner clock? What should be considered when trading stocks via smartphone? And how does an Italian astrophysicist cook scientific carbonara?

"Book a Scientist" gives you the chance to spend 25 minutes exclusively with an expert from the Leibniz Association and ask everything you've always wanted to know about your favourite topic.

The Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT) is also taking part with an exciting mix of social and natural science topics from the marine sciences.

Dr. Annette Breckwoldt: Reef Passages in the South Pacific: Breakthrough for Tropical Ecosystems and Local People? | 12:00 h | 12:30 h

Dr. Marie Fujitani: (How) Can there be such a thing as sustainable tourism? The talk is already fully booked

Dr. Nils Moosdorf: What? These things are connected? The Earth as a Complex System | 12:00 h | 12:30 h | 13:00 h | 17:00 h | 17:30 h | 18:00 h

Peter Steiglechner: Going social: Exploring social phenomena with computer models  | 12:00 h | 12:30 h | 13:00 h

Sze Wing (Debbie) To: How to predict algae blooms in oceans and lakes with underwater imaging | 12:00 h | 17:00 h | 17:30 h

The individual, 25-minute, one-on-one chats will take place online on November 10, 2021. Safe your "date" with a smart Leibniz mind now!

To reserve a talk, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name, chosen topic and desired time slot. You will receive a confirmation email if the appointment is still available. You are also welcome to send us one or two questions that are of particular interest to you on the chosen topic. The offer is free of charge.

Choose from more than 150 topics in the following areas for your discussion:

  • Health, Aging & Nutrition
  • Literature, Culture & History
  • Media, Journalism & Internet
  • People, Nature & Ecosystems
  • Politics, Society & Religion
  • Language, Education & Open Science
  • Environment, Mobility & Energy
  • Space, Galaxies & Astrophysics
  • Economy, Work & Technology

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