Reef at Bali | Photo: Roger Spranz

06/09/2023 | The majority of the earth's surface is covered by oceans. They form habitats for a huge diversity of living creatures and are also the basis of life for millions of people. But the condition of the oceans is deteriorating dramatically: poor water quality, plastic whirlpools, overfishing...Many wonder if the oceans can be saved at all, and if so, how? Are we still allowed to use and enjoy the sea at all despite these man-made threats?

Raimund Bleischwitz, scientific director of the ZMT, reports in an interview for the podcast "Tonspur Wissen" of the Leibniz Association on the current state of the oceans. The interview has been slightly shortened and edited and is now also published in the Leibniz Magazine:

In the podcast "Tonspur Wissen," which is produced in cooperation between the Leibniz Association and the Rheinische Post, journalist Ursula Weidenfeld invites listeners on a journey of discovery. In the podcast, she meets Leibniz Association researchers from a wide range of disciplines and talks to them about current topics and developments.

Here is the conversation with Raimund Bleischwitz in full length: