Guests from the Indonesian Embassy at ZMT |  Photo: ZMT

26.02.2019 | On Monday, 25 February, two representatives from the Indonesian Embassy in Berlin visited the ZMT: Perry Pada, Deputy Ambassador and Ernosto Simanungkalit, Second Secretary of the Embassy. The guests spoke with Prof. Dr. Martin Zimmer, the leader of the WG Mangrove Ecology, with ZMT scientific director Prof. Dr. Hildegard Westphal, with Dr. Tim Jennerjahn and the Indonesian PhD student Yustian Alfiansah about the possibilities of establishing an international mangrove centre in Indonesia. The exchange of information and ideas took place following an initiative of the Indonesian Embassy, which contacted the mangrove ecologist Martin Zimmer at the beginning of the year.

The aim of such a centre would be to combine research on mangroves and increasing public awareness of this ecosystem, its relevance for humans and the environment and its vulnerability. ZMT could act as a supporting and advisory partner. Since the start of the German-Indonesian research programme SPICE in 2003, the Institute has been studying mangroves in Indonesia and can also contribute expertise from a number of projects located around the globe in the tropical belt.