8.3.16 | From March 14 to 16, the Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Ecology (ZMT) hosted the first “ZMT Alumni Ambassador Meeting” as part of the ZMT Alumni Programme.

Since November 2014, the ZMT Alumni Relations Office is intensively building an interactive alumni network, facilitating dialogue as well as fostering the development of scientific collaborations.

The newly-established ZMT Alumni Ambassadors Initiative gives interested alumni the opportunity to continue working closely with the ZMT by supporting the development of interactive national and regional ZMT Alumni Networks in their respective regions of origin. Nine of the 14 current ambassadors participated in the first meeting in order to contribute to the further development of the alumni programme, as well as to promote future collaborations and joint projects. ZMT’s former PhD candidates, ISATEC graduates and distinguished guest scientists come from New Zealand, Bangladesh, Ghana, Panama, and other countries across the globe, working now for universities, research institution and non-governmental organizations.

After an ambassador workshop on March 14 aiming to improve the alumni programme, the alumni had the chance to attend the Research Funding Information Day on 15th March at the ZMT. On Wednesday, March 16, the agenda focused exclusively on the ZMT ambassadors. Throughout the day (from 9 am to 3 pm), each Alumni Ambassador presented their current work or research with further discussions on potential future ventures.

The registration for ZMT’s alumni programme is available online to all former students, PhD candidates, and staff. Being a ZMT alumnus or alumna, you can join our ZMT Alumni Network on LinkedIn, become a ZMT ambassador and receive our ZMT and alumni newsletters, updating you on current development and research at ZMT, funding opportunities and job postings.

Agenda of the talks, including discussions on Wednesday, 16th March 2016: Agenda_Alumni_talks.pdf