21.9.16 | The Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT) is holding its first first regional alumni workshop on the island of Zanzibar (Tanzania) on September 18. Preceding the final SUTAS symposium, which takes place from September 19 to 23, ZMT’s alumni workshop brings together former guest scientists as well as ISATEC and PhD graduates from all over Eastern Africa.

The workshop aims at establishing personal and professional connections among the African alumni and its former host organisation ZMT. During group work sessions, the alumni have the chance to share their knowledge about their work and express new research ideas. Moreover, possible future collaboration and joint projects with ZMT will dominate the discussion. During another interactive session, the alumni can also explore the possibilities of implementing a regional ZMT alumni network in East Africa.

The alumni workshop has been organised by ZMT’s Alumni Relations Officer Kristin Gembiak and Dr. Robert Katikiro, the ZMT ambassador for Tanzania, who is a former ISATEC student and also completed his PhD with ZMT.

To use synergy effects and increase the opportunities to network with former ZMT colleagues, the alumni workshop is combined with the final symposium of SUTAS.

ZMT Alumni Workshop East Africa
When: September 18, 2016
Where: New IMS Building Zanzibar, Stone Town