Holger Kühnhold at ZMT`s Marine Experimental Facilities (Photo: Jan Meyer)

08/03/2023 | The world population is growing. Eight billion people need to be fed, preferably sustainably. Our current food production pollutes the environment and nature. Does the solution lie in the sea?

Two TV documentaries again feature ZMT and its Food4Future project :

On Sunday, March 5, ZDF will broadcast the documentary "New Food from the Sea: Jellyfish Crisps and Algae Pesto" in Planet.E at 3:45 pm.

The show is already available in the ZDF-Mediathek, accompanied by an article about the research on jellyfish of the WG Experimental Aquaculture. It is also listed as one of the accompanying documentaries in the series "Der Schwarm," which ZDF is currently airing. The thriller series tells of mankind's struggle against an unknown swarm intelligence in the sea - based on the novel by Frank Schätzing.



On Saturday, March 4, at 7 pm, Bavarian TV will show the documentary: "Good to know: From the water to the plate - Our food of tomorrow". Footage for this was also shot at the ZMT: