Annette Breckwoldt at Mare Radio | Photo: Annette Breckwoldt, ZMT

22/09/2021 | The ZMT cooperates with Mare Radio from NDR in its new podcast on marine sites. In the September 21 episode, Annette Breckwoldt, scientist at the ZMT, talks about her research.

The mare podcast dives down, cruises along coasts and moors ashore to tell stories of the sea. Whether deserted islands, port metropolises or underwater worlds: In each episode, we get to know a place in the world for which the sea plays a crucial role. New episodes every 14 days.

The podcast started in June 2021. Further episodes with ZMT scientists are planned.

To the episode with Annette Breckwoldt...

Understanding the sea through children's pictures | Research on the Fiji island of Kadavu

Before strangers are allowed to enter a village on Kadavu, they must declare in a solemn ceremony that they will abide by the village rules. Bremen marine biologist Annette Breckwoldt promised to do so - and was even able to greet her hosts in Fijian. As a scientist at the Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research, she conducts research on reef passages and has worked in a project with schoolchildren on Kadavu: through the children's self-painted pictures, she and her colleagues have learned a lot about the importance of the sea for the inhabitants of Fiji. But Annette Breckwoldt didn't just bring colourful pictures to the Mare Podcast- Zozan Mönch was gobsmacked at what this guest conjured up from her pockets ... The Mare Podcast is a cooperation between Bremen Zwei and Mare magazine.