16.6.16 | The ZMT is working on two projects funded within the new priority programme „Regional Sea Level and Society" by the German Research Foundation (DFG). The successful applications show the interdisciplinary diversity of the new research programme.

Sociologist Prof. Dr. Anna-Katharina Hornidge from ZMT is working on the topic "Political and societal coping with sea level rise in South-East Asia" together with Professor Michael Flitner, from artec / Institute for Geography (University of Bremen). Dr. Alessio Rovere from ZMT and the Centre for Marine Environmental Sciences (MARUM) is dealing with the topic "Sea leavel change in South-East Asia".

The projects are two of four research applications by the University of Bremen funded by the DFG with a total of 1.4 million within the new priority programme „Regional Sea Level and Society“)

Bremen researchers will furthermore be working on the following topics: (1) The role of mountain galciers for sea level rise (Professor Ben Marzeion, Institute for Geography); (2) Measuring the three-dimensional distribution of meltwater and its effects on climate relevant key regions in the Northern Atlantic (Professor Monika Rhein, Institute for Environmental Physics / MARUM).

The research is particularly significant für megacities such as Jakarta, Singapore or Manila and will be undertaken together with local universities.

Researchers from natural sciences, engineering and social sciences from across Germany are contributing to the DFG priority programme „Regional Sea Level and Society". The University of Hamburg is coordinating the programme. Over the next six years the goal is to better understand the regional changes of the sea level and their effects on society. The DFG provides funding of around six million Euro for the first three years. The first funding phase ends in June 2019.