18/08/2023 | ZMT is happy to welcome two young scientists who will be spending three months with scientists Professor Marie Fujitani and Professor Oscar Pubela as part of the NAM Fellowship programme. Now in its 15th year, the stipend by ZMT and the Centre for Science and Technology of the Non-Aligned and Other Developing Countries (NAM S&T Centre) financially supports a three-month research stay at ZMT in Bremen.

NAM Fellows can build on their research skills in the areas of ecology, biogeochemistry, ecological modeling, social sciences and coastal marine systems in the tropics.

Since the start of the programme in 2008 ZMT has hosted NAM-Fellows from amongst other Indonesia, Tanzania, Indonesia, Mauritius, Malaysia, Myanmar Bangladesh, Colombia, Kenya, Vietnam, Iran, Nigeria, Gambia, Egypt, Jordan or India. Some of these fellowships have developed into research cooperation.

Find out more about this year’s NAM Fellows:

Edwin Jefri (M.Sc) works at the Marine Science Study Program at the Faculty of  Agriculture at the University of Mataram (Indonesia). His research focus is on "Histology and biomarker of pollutant impacts from shrimp pond aquaculture effluents with Monetaria annulus as an indicator species".

His project at ZMT focuses on COMPASS (Comparing Agriculture Systems Sustainability).

Stay at ZMT: July 26 – October 20, 2023 (WG Deliberation, Valuation and Sustainability / Professor Marie Fujitani).

Dr Amy Yee-Hui Then is Associate Professor at the Universiti Malaya (Malaysia). Her research interests are broadly in the areas of coastal & marine ecology, fisheries status and sustainability, and integrated assessments of mangrove ecosystem services.

During her stay at ZMT she will work together with Oscar Puebla to elucidate the population genetic structure of the highly fished but endangered wedgefish Rhyncobatus australiae in Malaysia in order to inform sustainable management of this species and other threatened sharks and rays.

She also finds common research grounds with Professor Marie Fujitani (recreational fishing in freshwater and coastal areas) and Dr Tim Jennerjahn (mangrove assessment using stable isotopes) and hopes to connect with both while at ZMT.

Stay at ZMT: September 15 - December 2, 2023 (WG Fish Ecology and Evolution / Professor  Oscar Puebla)