How can Hainan's coasts be managed sustainably? | Photo: Jialin Zhang, ZMT

01/10/2020 | What is the human impact on the coast of Hainan? This Policy Brief summarizes the major findings of a long-term Sino-German research collaborative. We found that aquaculture effluents, municipal sewage and  antifouling paint of ships impair the water quality and organisms such as seagrasses and corals along the east coast of Hainan. In this Policy  Brief, we present recommendations for a sustainable management of Hainan’s coastal ecosystems to safeguard the benefits of these precious coastal ecosystems to the people.

The Policy Brief can be downloaded in English and Mandarin from

The ZMT policy briefs are part of a series of briefings aiming to inform policy makers on key results of ZMT research, and to provide them with specific recommendations for environmental policies. They also illustrate the high practical and political relevance of ZMT's research across tropical coastal areas. Every policy brief will be published in English and in the language of the partner country, where appropriate.