Photo: Sonia Bejarano

15/10/2019 | Is feeding fish to attract them for snorkelers a good idea? Natalie Prinz, former master student at the ZMT, talks about this tourist attraction and the consequences for fish. You can listen to her talk on Thursday, 17 October from 8:30 pm at the Tequila Bar, Rückertstraße 33, in the Neustadt district of Bremen. Everyone is welcome, the entrance is free!

The Science goes Public series of events satisfies the thirst for knowledge of the general public in 30 entertaining minutes. Original science topics are presented twice a year in selected pubs and bars in Bremen and Bremerhaven in a varied and humorous way. This is followed by an exchange or direct discussion between the audience and the scientists.

About the talk:

To feed or not to feed - that is the question

Should we feed fish so that we can take a closer look at them while snorkeling? What effect does this have on their composition and eating behaviour? Natalie Prinz from the Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT) asked these questions in her master thesis and went to a small, remote island of the Cook Islands to investigate.

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