18/05/2022 | Congratulations are in order. All seven students have now successfully completed their training as certified scientific divers on Tenerife. For the ZMT organisers, a little relief was mixed in with the celebratory mood: due to the pandemic, the entire course had to be postponed several times until the second part of the programme could finally take place on the Spanish island in May.

Dr Michael Schmid, head of the Scientific Diving Centre at ZMT: “We were just happy to finally be back in the water. The practical course can actually be completed within five weeks, but due to the Corona pandemic we had to set up the individual elements with some time between them. That doesn't exactly make it easier to prepare for the exams. We are therefore all the happier that everyone passed.”

Photos: Stefanie Bröhl / ZMT Scientific Diving Centre


After two weeks of intensive training, the seven students were put through their paces in practice and theory under the chairmanship of Peter Husmann from the “Berufsgenossenschaft Bau, Abt. Prävention”. This year’s cohort consisted of doctoral candidates from Brazil, France, Indonesia, Canada and the Philippines who are working at universities/research institutes in England, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain. The class also included two doctoral candidates from ZMT - Floriane Coulmance from France and Estradivari from Indonesia.

The doctoral students are being trained as part of the 4D REEF project, which is funded by the EU. In addition to the students’ individual research projects, different training courses are an integral part of the programme, so-called Network and Specialised Training Activities (NTAs/STAs). ZMT offers the scientific diving course as an STA.

The practical part of the course already started in autumn 2021 at Bremen's Stadtwaldsee; the theory was already taught online beforehand. After passing the exam on Tenerife, all participants now have the European-wide recognised qualification as a research diver and European Scientific Diver (ESD) certified by the Statutory Accident Insurance of Germany.