10/06/2021 | A special issue of the Journal of Marine Science and Engineering will shine a light on the topic of ocean acidification and its impact on marine calcium carbonate precipitation. The guest editors, Prof. Dr Hildegard Westphal (ZMT), Prof. Dr Justin Ries (Northeastern University) and Dr. Steve Doo (ZMT), invite interested scientists to submit high quality contributions on new research outcomes covering the following topics:

  • Influence on CO2 on marine calcification
  • Trophic strategies and their relation to OA effects
  • Physiology behind calcification under OA conditions
  • Experimental approaches
  • Field approaches
  • Earth history analogues
  • Developments in analytical techniques to study skeletal structures in the context of OA.

The goal of the special issue titled "The Effect of Ocean Acidification on Skeletal Structures" is to contribute to a better understanding of what to expect for the future of carbonate depositional systems, resilience, and potential avenues for counteracting negative effects on calcification triggered by increasing CO2 concentrations.

The guest editors especially encourage early-career researchers from Global South countries to submit their findings to this Special Issue.

Submission deadline: January 15, 2022.

More information here: https://www.mdpi.com/journal/jmse/special_issues/F_Ocean_Acidification_on_Skeletal_Structures#info