Photo: Holger Kühnhold, ZMT

09/03/2020 | Are jellyfish burgers and seaweed salad the food of the future? Holger Kühnhold, marine ecologist at the ZMT, will give a lecture on this topic as part of the Science Goes Public event series. The lecture will run on

Thursday, 12 March at 20.30 in the Gastfeld pub, Gastfeldstr. 67, in the Bremer Neustadt.

Everybody is welcome, the entrance is free!

Against the background of a growing world population and the scarcity of key resources (e.g. fertile land, water and mineral fertilizers), global food security is facing major challenges. True to the motto "We live on a blue planet", Holger Kühnhold will explain why it makes sense from an ecological and sustainability point of view to obtain more food from the sea.

The Science Goes Public series of events will satisfy the thirst for knowledge of a broad public in 30 entertaining minutes. Original science topics from Bremen's research institutions are presented twice a year in selected pubs and bars in Bremen and Bremerhaven in a varied and humorous way. Afterwards, there is the possibility of an exchange or direct conversation between the audience and the scientists.