24.04.2019 | This year, ZMT launched a new initiative, the ZMT Alumni Fellowship. The ZMT Alumni Fellowship offers up to five alumni the opportunity for four-week research stay at ZMT (including travel costs and a scholarship). The aim of the fellowship is to encourage joint publications of ZMT researchers and alumni and to prepare research proposals together to foster cooperation between our Alumni network and working groups on the level of research. We are very happy that we could select five Alumni Fellows out of 19 very good applications from our Alumni network. Our Alumni Fellows will give a talk during the ZMT Wednesdday Lunchtime Series (dates to be scheduled).


ZMT Alumni Fellows 2019

Shilly David Dr. Shilly Elizabeth David did her PhD from 2009-2013 in the WG of Tim Jennerjahn. She is now working as Assistant professor in the Department of Zoology at the Mar Thoma College in Kerala / India. Shilly will be hosted in the working group of Tim Jennerjahn from April 28 to May 28, 2019 and work on the publication “Biogeochemistry of Suspended and Sedimentary Organic matter concentrations in the Pamba River, Kerala”.
Doan Nhu Hai Dr. Doan Nhu Hai is a Professor in Biology and the Head of the Department of Marine Plankton at the Viet Nam Academy of Science. He was at ZMT for several research stays since 2012. He will be hosted from May 14 to June 26, 2019 in the working group of Andreas Kunzmann. They are planning to work on a manuscript entitled: “Stable isotope of plankton size classes and organisms reveal insightful of a coastal tropical foodweb”.
Joao Protazio Prof. Dr. João Marcelo Brazão Protázio did his PhD from 2003 – 2007 with Prof. Saint-Paul at ZMT. He is now Professor in Mathematics at the University of Para in Brazil and Coordinator at The Postgraduate Program in Mathematics and Statistics. He will stay in the WG Mangrove Ecology with Martin Zimmer from July 28 to August 28, 2019. They will work on Biomass Storage Change over the life cycle of a Mangrove Tree.
Neila Cabral

Dr. Neila Cabral is a Lecturer at the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Para in Brazil. In 2017 she stayed several months at ZMT and in 2005 she did her PhD under the co-supervision of Marion Glaser. Neila Cabral will stay from July 28 to September 5, 2019 in the WG with Marion Glaser and plan a new version of a book on interdisciplinary research in mangrove regions and on a funding proposal to initiate the work of the network for marine and coastal social scientists on including regional non-academic stakeholders in future transdisciplinary research.

 Garilea Navarette Gabriela Navarrete graduated in the ISATEC Program in 2015. Currently, she is affiliated with the Center for Water and Sustainable Development at the Polytechnic University in Guayaquil/Ecuador. She will stay in the working group of Matthias Wolff from August 10 to October 10, 2019 and finish a contribution on Marine conservation and fisheries management in Ecuador and Peru