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05/05/2022 | On 4 May, Dr. Michaela Muylkens, Head of Department 22 - Science Planning and Research Funding at the Bremen Senator for Science and Ports, and Dr. Jolita Rolf (Department for Transfer and Innovation, Bremen Senator for Science and Ports), visited the Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT).

After being welcomed by ZMT’s managing directors Professor Raimund Bleischwitz and Dr. Nicolas Dittert, the guests went on a tour of ZMT's marine experimental ecology (MAREE), where Silvia Hardenberg gave an overview of the various functions and the ongoing experiments at the aquarium facility.

Further more in-depth talks with ZMT management were followed by a meeting with the department heads of the institute as well as the head of the ZMT Academy. The scientists outlined their work and tasks and presented highlights and special characteristics of ZMT in interdisciplinary marine research, capacity development and teaching.

After this first personal meeting, all participants are looking forward more fruitful exchanges and the future continuation of trusted cooperation.

Dr. Michaela Muylkens is the head of Department 22 - Science Planning and Research Funding at the Senator for Science and Ports in Bremen. Previously, she was head of the Research and Transfer Department at the University of Oldenburg.