25/03/2024 | A new book from Springer Verlag sheds light on climate change in Germany. With contributions from over 126 experts and an interdisciplinary approach that brings together all relevant specialist areas and topics, it presents the development, consequences, risks and prospects of climate change as well as possible options for action. With his expertise on the topic of marine carbon storage and decarbonisation Prof. Dr Martin Zimmer from ZMT also contributed to the book. The chapter "Possible contributions of geological and marine carbon reservoirs to decarbonisation", deals with the storage of CO2 in geological reservoirs under land and under the seabed, forced CO2 removal from the atmosphere and release into the ocean by increasing alkalinity, by ocean fertilisation and by the management of vegetation-rich coastal ecosystems. The book is available via Open Access.

About the book

For the first time, this national study comprehensively presents the state of research on climate change for all subject areas and social sectors. What can we expect in Germany, what effects will climate change have on the economy and society, and how can we prepare ourselves? 126 authors from all over Germany comment on topics such as already observed and future changes, weather disasters and their consequences, projections for the future, risks and possible adaptation strategies.

The authors present the current state of research in understandable language and illustrate the most important ideas in graphics and tables. All texts have been scientifically reviewed several times. "Climate Change in Germany" is the first comprehensive overview of the topic, identifies open questions and provides a basis for decisions in connection with climate change. Germany thus joins the list of countries such as the United States, Austria and the United Kingdom where such reports are already available.