ZMT's Capacity Development Conference in Berlin | Photo: Oliver Lang

Strategic Management and Development

Programme Area 5 supports the four scientific programme areas, science staff at ZMT and ZMT partners logistically and strategically to conduct research and to achieve impacts beyond academia.

It comprises Science Management (Office for Knowledge Exchange, Public Relations, ZMT Academy)and specific projects that are within the thematic scope and objectives of PA5.

The thematic scope of PA5 includes (i) strategic positioning, (ii) cooperation and knowledge exchange and (iii) capacity development,which are defined as follows:

  • Strategic orientation is given by the extended directorate. PA5 supports the strategic positioning of ZMT as an internationally renowned leading institution for research of tropical marine socio-ecosystems.
  • PA5 supports cooperation and knowledge exchange with partners in Germany, Europe, and the tropics of the various societal spheres. ZMT is active in networks, advises and offers consulting services, engages stakeholders, and communicates with stakeholders outside academia in the tropical partner countries.
  • Capacity development is an important pillar of ZMT and tightly connects PA5 to PA1-4. Capacity development at ZMT covers a range of aspects and focuses but is not limited to academic capacity building on the individual, organizational and societal level.