Summer Schools

An important accompanying measure of the ZMT's cooperation with foreign partners is the organisation of international summer school programmes in Germany and abroad. These programmes allow for the further advancement of students through exposure to current research topics, and are taught according to international standards. In addition, the courses allow lecturers the opportunity to identify topics for future joint research projects.


  • Tropical coastal ecosystems
  • Availability and vulnerability of resources
  • Methods used in marine ecological research
  • Trophic and system modelling
  • Sustainable management of tropical coasts

Scientific Diving

Scientific diving is an indispensable method for many aspects of marine sciences and is a prerequisite for many research approaches. In collaboration with the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (AWI), the ZMT has developed a course programme offering advanced training in tropical research diving. The course is offered annually with a capacity of 12 scientists or students. It consists of two excursions for the training of diving missions in open waters.
Scientific Diving Centre