Bhakti Shah

Bhakti Shah


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Office: Wiener Str. 7
28359 Bremen
Room: 5204 (2nd floor)

Research interests

My research interest lies mainly in Foraminiferal studies and examining them as environmental indicator to reconstruct environmental conditions through Geological timelines. Along with this, I am interested in understanding foraminifera and other calcareous microzooplanktons, assemblage, morphological and geochemical changes in relation with ocean acidification, sea level fluctuations, sea surface temperatures, climate change and solar cycles.

Key Words: Paleoclimatology, Micropaleontology, Environmental Science

Doctoral Project Description:

My current project is funded by DFG Cluster of Excellence ‘The Ocean Floor – Earth Uncharted Interface’, led by the University of Bremen (MARUM) and will focus over paleoclimate and environmental studies of approximately ~15k B.P., from the sediment core samples collected from Al Wajh platform in the Red Sea near Umluj.

In this study, benthic and planktic foraminiferal as well as coccolithophore assemblages will be contemplated as proxy data along with this mineralogy of the dust fraction will also be scrutinized. This project caters to understand and study the climatic and environmental shifts related to the dry-humid phases in the Red Sea since the Late Pliocene. Compared to the Mediterranean Sea the North Red Sea has not been well studied and so this study will focus to fill in the gap by examining marine climate archives from the sedimentary core and stratigraphy. Not only will it aid in detailed understanding of the past climates but will also aid in predicting future climate conditions in terms with increased pluvial conditions.