MariSustain – Marine Farming - opportunity towards entrepreneurship, self-employment and sustainable rural development

This workshop will focus on novel and more sustainable techniques for aquaculture practices like e.g. green mussel cultivation, oyster farming, seaweed cultivation, and multiplication of such projects at a commercial scale using advanced techniques. This also includes the potential for co-culture and/or IMTA Integrated MultiTrophic Aquaculture. The avoidance or further use of by-products from processing, in the sense of Circular Economy is also of interest.

The aim of this workshop will be to look for possible collaborative projects between Indian and German institutes and the aquaculture industries. The Indo-German Science and Technology Centre (IGSTC) e.g. has a yearly call for 2+2 projects.

There is a huge demand for sea food, particularly bivalves and seaweeds in the global market as well as in India. The workshop will look for alternatives for IMTA including mussel/oyster production to meet the market demands. Apart from the sustainable production of sea food, this workshop will be a step towards the generation of employment and community entrepreneurship development model.

The main organisers are the National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) and the University in Goa, and the Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT) in Bremen. Funds are kindly provided by IGSTC.


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