ZMT Alumni Conference: Data management and collaboration for tackling marine challenges

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DATE: March 16 and March 17, 2021| 10:00 - 16:30 CET

Online Event


In order to understand relationships in the tropical environmental system and to facilitate the development of recommendations and guidelines, available research data need to be combined interdisciplinary and super-regionally. In order to utilize data from different regions, they need to be FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reproducible) and common strategies for data management and collaboration are necessary. To pursue such overarching projects, data synthesis and meta-analysis are important steps to be considered within the data life cycle.

The Conference

  • Learn and exchange ideas and get inspired by data management initiatives
  • Getting acquainted with research projects of ZMT Alumni, with connection to your own work
  • Develop new project ideas with partners in the Alumni Network and ZMT staff
  • Provide a platform to support each other with organizational and analytical steps throughout the data life cycle.

We are delighted to announce that we could win Prof. Dr. Daniel Pauly (Sea Around Us, FishBase) to give a keynote lecture at our conference. An integral part of the conference is dedicated towards discussions in scientific sessions with ZMT Alumni and peers to explore future collaborations and develop project ideas.

The Sessions

Infrastructures and Initiatives for data management

The aim towards a sustainable use of natural resources is a global challenge, but requires local contexts to be robustly analyzed and represented in integrative strategies. Careful management and compilation of research data is therefore of great importance. In this session we invite you to promote organizations and projects, dealing with capacity development in data management.

Open Session: Regional research and project match-making

In this session we provide a space to present your projects and find partners for data-centric collaborations to develop new project ideas. The projects may (yet) have a regional focus, but efforts should be made to highlight how it may support data synthesis with other workshop participants. The project ideas that gain traction will be further supported through the ZMT Alumni Network.

Moreover, there will be a panel discussion of international experts on the topic

“How can data management initiatives facilitate a sustainable use of the environment and its resources in the tropics?which will be open to the public, so please invite your colleagues and students.


Please see here for the full conference agenda.


ZMT conference organising committee:

Emmanuel Acheampong (University of Cape Coast, Ghana)

Arjun Chennu (Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research, Germany)

Janna Just (Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research, Germany)

Julian Lilkendey (Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research, Germany)

Tridewi Pribadi (Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia)

João Marcelo Brazão Protázio (Universidade Federal do Pará, Brazil)