The Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT) advertises 2 doctoral scholarships starting in Fall 2021. Additionally, 2 further doctoral scholarship can be granted starting in 2022. | Photo: Jan Meier, ZMT

14/12/2020 | With the kind support of the DAAD Graduate Scholarship Program, ZMT is able to announce two doctoral scholarships on the topic of "Adaptation of marine socio-ecological systems to changing environmental conditions", which will start in the autumn of 2021. In addition, two more doctoral scholarships can be awarded from 2022 onwards. ZMT will make a pre-selection for nominations to the DAAD, which will then award the scholarships.

The basis for the calls is an application by the institute and the ZMT Academy that has been positively evaluated within the DAAD's Graduate Scholarship Program (GSSP). The scholarships are related to the interdisciplinary research topic "Adaptation of marine socio-ecological systems to changing environmental conditions".

Ecosystems along the densely populated coasts of the tropical belt are particularly affected by severe global, regional and local environmental changes. Possibilities and consequences of the adaptation of biological and social systems to these advancing changes are to be investigated by means of different, mutually complementary research approaches. The topic is open for different disciplinary approaches and interdisciplinary cooperation.

Deadline for applications is December 20, 2020.

On December 9th at 9:30 (UTC+1) there will be a virtual information event for interested parties.

Details on the call, eligibility and application process at