06/06/2022 | For all those who are curious and thirsty for knowledge, the Leibniz Association wants to make an exciting offer with the upcoming "Book a Scientist" on June 15, 2022: Book your exclusive, virtual conversation with Leibniz scientists! In such personal conversations, the researchers will provide insight into their topics and their everyday work, answer your individual questions and look forward to exchanging ideas with you.

What happens in the brain during and after work interruptions? How do international sanctions work? How does breast milk influence eating behaviour in adulthood? Can government regulation reduce hate online? What does Syria look like "after the war"? How should Germany and Europe shape their climate policy mix? And what help do I get at the resilience outpatient clinic?

In personal talks, our researchers will give you an insight into their topics and their everyday work, answer your individual questions and look forward to exchanging ideas with you.

What is an iron eater? Do girls read better than boys? Who are the "peoples" in the People's Republic of China? How can arable farming be digitally predicted? Why do many people volunteer in old age? How does catalysis help with climate protection? And what happens in the brain when we recall memories?

Book a Scientist" gives you the chance to spend 25 minutes exclusively and in private with an expert from the Leibniz Association and ask everything you've always wanted to know about your favourite topic.

You can now reserve your conversation with a Leibniz expert. To do so, click on an available appointment of your choice on this website. Then please enter your contact details and one or two questions about the topic so that our scientists know what you might be particularly interested in.

Three researchers from ZMT are participating this tinme with the following topics:

Dr Marie Fujitani: "Can international tourism be sustainable?

Dr Carolin Müller: "A question of good taste - on the reasons for and consequences of plastic ingestion by fish".

Dr Marleen Stuhr: "No sand, no beach: Tropical coasts and coral reefs in climate change".

The offer is free of charge. The conversations take place online. Book your "date" with a scientist and choose from over 60 topics for your conversation. These are the areas you can pick from:

  • Economy, Work & Technology
  • Environment, Mobility & Energy
  • Language, Education & Open Science
  • Politics, Society & Religion
  • Health, Ageing & Nutrition
  • Man, Nature & Ecosystems
  • Literature, Culture & History
  • Space, Galaxies & Astrophysics

All topics and dates can be found here: www.leibniz-gemeinschaft.de/bookascientist

Book a Scientist on 15.6.2022 takes place as part of the SILBERSALZ Festival 2022, the international science and media festival. "Ahead of us the future. #wissenvereint" - Under this motto there will be films, talks, exhibitions and live events from 15 - 19 June - online and on site in Halle (Saale). All information about the festival can be found here: https://www.silbersalz-festival.com/de.