Vier Frauen in Bangladesch, die vor einer wand mit bunten bestickten Stoffen stehen

13/10/2022 | Coinciding with the “5th CSD Annual Conference on Sustainable Development 2022” currently held at the University of Liberals Arts (ULAB) in Dhaka, Bangladesh, an exhibition sheds a light on the displacement of women through emerging Blue Economy initiatives in the country’s coastal and island regions. It is held at Safiuddin Shilpalay in Dhaka from 14-21 October 2022.

The Blue Economy is a growth sector. Big investments bring big changes. The week-long exhibition “Alternative Voice for a Displaced Community Through Creative Arts” shows stories of conflict, and displacement expressed through the embroidery art of 20 women from Moheshkhali Island, accompanied by a photographic exhibition.

The voices of these women who live largely in seclusion, are rarely heard but show important dimensions of the fundamental changes that are happening on the coasts of Bangladesh. Moheshkhali island has been at the centre of great debate between conservationists and government officials to protect it against deforestation.

The exhibition is supported by ULAB, the Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT), and by HUMStudioInteractive (Stockholm, Sweden). In collaboration with ULAB and other international consortium members, ZMT’s working group Social-ecological systems Analysis is involved in the NO CRISES project in Bangladesh – funded by the Belmont Forum - which assesses the origin, drivers, and mitigation strategies of ocean conflicts.

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