Tim Jennerjahn bei der Präsentation des WOC in Berlin. Foto: Jan Windszus

22.11.17 | On 16 November 2017, "World Ocean Review 5" was presented at the Representation of Schleswig-Holstein in Berlin as part of an evening event with guests from the political, business, science, media and education sectors. It is dedicated to the coastal habitat. ZMT researchers also contributed to the publication.

Coasts are an extremely important habitat for people, but use and protection are out of balance in many regions. "Coasts – A Vital Habitat under Pressure" is the theme of the fifth volume of the publication "World Ocean Review" (WOR). It was published by maribus gGmbH with support from the magazine mare, the International Ocean Institute (IOI) as well as researchers from the German Marine Research Consortium (KDM) and the Kiel Cluster of Excellence »Future Ocean«. The WOR aims to raise public awareness of the interrelationships in marine science.

But how did coasts even come about? How do the coasts differ worldwide? How do we maintain their natural functions? Which strategies are effective to counter the threat of rising sea levels? Which political and legal options can be implemented to be able to act internationally? The fifth World Ocean Review (WOR) shows how the diverse ecosystem services of the coasts are coming under increasing pressure and presents measures to deal with the threats of climate change and natural disasters.

Natural and social scientists from the Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT) have also contributed their knowledge and expertise to WOR 5. In an interview at the presentation event of the new issue of the World Ocean Review in Berlin, Dr Tim Jennerjahn described the ZMT's research in tropical coastal areas and was then available to answer questions from the press and the public.

Free copies of the World Ocean Review can be ordered online at www.worldoceanreview.com. In addition to the German version, an English language edition will be available shortly.

For more information, please visit: http://worldoceanreview.com/wor-5/