Science goes Pub(lic) with Lisa Röpke at the Gondi | Photo: ZMT

11.04.2019 | After three successful runs, Science goes Pub(lic) has started again. The format sees scientists from Bremen and Bremerhaven serve up a wide range of exciting bites of knowledge in a relaxed pub atmosphere. The Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT) was again part of the current series: Lisa Röpke gave a talk at the Gondi in Bremen’s Neustadt on 11 April.

The marine biologist took the audience on a journey below water into the world of "biofouling". She explained what the layer of dirt developing at the inside of aquaria has to do with industries such as shipping and aquaculture and provided us with some surprising answers in her 30-minute talk.

The event series Science goes Pub(lic) presents sience topics accessible to a broad audience at pubs and bars in Bremen and Bremerhaven. From March 7, the lectures run every Thursday from 8.30 pm. Following the talks, there is an opportunity for an exchange between the audience and the scientists. 

About the talk:


When: Thursday, 11 April 2019, 20.30 hrs

Where: Gondi | Langemarckstrasse 249, 28199 Bremen

Anyone who has an aquarium at home knows that the clear glass pane only remains clean if it is wiped from time to time. But what exactly grows on the glass, and what does this layer of gunk have to do with industries such as aquaculture and shipping? Lisa Röpke, PhD candidate at ZMT, is investigating whether there are ways and means to combat unwanted "biofouling". During her talk at Gondi she will show us a small microcosm that has many influences on our everyday lives. The talk will be in German.

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