ZMT microbiologist Dr. Astrid Gärdes will be taking part with a talk in the event “Science Sips” which is held on June 21 as part of the Science Year 2016*17 Seas and Oceans. She will be talking about the environmental impact of aquaculture.

The BMBF is supporting the “Science Sips” as part of the series “A Taste of the Oceans’ Future”. During the event at the Naturkundemuseum in Berlin scientists will be giving short talks about the ecosystem ocean. Afterwards the audience can chat to the experts at so-called „Ask a Scientist” tables.

ZMT’s Dr. Astrid Gärdes will be focusing on the environmental impacts of aquaculture. More than 70 million tons of products from aquaculture are being marketed. But the industry is also dealing with many ecological problems. The growing demand for aquaculture products and the increasing pressure of the competition leads many fish farmers to intensify their methods.


Wednesday, June 21, 2017, 7:30 – 8:30pm, Museum für Naturkunde, Invalidenstraße 43, 10115 Berlin

- Dr. Charles Oliver Coleman, curator of the collections Crustacea (Krebse) and Protozoa at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin
- Dr. Daniel Carstensen, expert for sustainable fishery products at WWF
- Dr. Astrid Gärdes, head of the work group Tropical Marine Microbiology at the Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research