Delegation from Samoa | Photo: Marion Stargas

05/07/2019 | A delegation from Samoa and Tokelau (South Pacific), Jewel Luti Tuitama Toloa (Disaster Risk Manager for the governments of Tokelau and Samoa) and So'oletaua Te Malino Toloa (environmental lawyer in Vanuatu), together with their hosts Lutz Fischer and Arne Dunker from the Klimahaus Bremerhaven, visited the ZMT on Wednesday 26 to discuss mangrove related issues with mangrove ecologist Prof. Dr. Martin Zimmer.

The focus was on the fact that direct and indirect effects of climate change have triggered a number of measures of mitigation and adaptation in the South Pacific island states, including efforts to enlarge and strengthen the coastal stretches of mangroves. With the aim of improving coastal protection and providing nursery grounds for fish, recent declines in mangrove area are being compensated by replanting mangrove seedlings in estuarine areas.

The discussions resulted in a mutual interest in building up collaboration on future potential for successful mangrove rehabilitation and Ecosystem Design, and on providing the necessary scientific background.