ICRS 2022 | Photo: Lisa Zimmermann

06/10/2023 | More than a year ago, the 15th International Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS) was held in Bremen, Germany. The focus was on coral reefs and their threats from climate change, overfishing, marine pollution and other factors, as well as possible solutions to the global coral reef crisis. Experts from science, coastal management and environmental protection presented their current research results.

A newly published video from the University of Bremen now ensures that the results of this unique event will be remembered for years to come. It summarizes the key messages of the 15th ICRS delivered by the organizing team, including ICRS leadership, plenary speakers, and science-policy dialogue. The video was produced among others by Lisa Zimmermann, who is currently supporting the ZMT's public relations department as a student assistant.

The 15th International Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS) was hosted by the University of Bremen. For the first time, it was organized by a European institution and was the largest marine science meeting ever held in Germany. The symposium brought together over 1200 participants from 82 countries to present the latest scientific findings and ideas on the current and future challenges facing coral reefs.

The ZMT with its focus research on coral reefs also participated in the conference. ZMT researchers were invited to join the scientific organizing committee, and ZMT scientists were present as moderators or speakers in more than 25 sessions.

Go to video: https://youtu.be/_ZCsFWURMPk?si=UT9clDJOTlF_-qTQ

Website of the 15th ICRS: https://coralreefs.org/conferences-and-meetings/icrs-2022/