Name  Degree Year Title (Thesis / Final Report) Institution
Juan Molina PhD 2020/2021 Metabolic studies on Lusitanian toadfish (Halobatrachus didactylus) IADO-CONICET Instituto Argention de Oceanografía
Yosmina Tapilatu PhD 2020  Antropogenic pressure effect on Polycarpa sp. Bioactive compounds in Ambon Island waters, Indonesia LIPI Research Center for Deep Sea, Ambon, Indonesia
Kunal Mondal PhD 2018 Improving feed ingredients for sea cucumber aquaculture, Holothuria scabra ICAR Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture



PhD Students

Name  Degree Year Title (Thesis / Final Report) Institution
Jakiul Islam
PhD  2021 Effects of extreme environmental variation on the physiological responses of European seabags, Dicentrarchus labrax University of Bremen
Paula Senff PhD 2021

Improving bioremediation with extractive species in integrated aquaculture: Towards application in tropical recirculating systems

University of Bremen
Elham Kamyab PhD 2021 From chemical ecology towards biotechnological applications: a study on sea cucumbers’ derived secondary metabolites University of Oldenburg
Inken Hanke PhD 2019 Milkfish (Chanos chanos) under stress: Contributing to fish welfare in tropical aquaculture by identifying and quatifying potential stressors University of Bremen
Samir AlJbour PhD 2017 Metabolic and oxidative stress responses of Cassiopea sp. to environmental stress University of Bremen
Holger Kühnhold PhD 2017 Temperature tolerance of the sea cucumber Holothuria scabra University of Bremen
Pia Kegler PhD 2015 Understanding coral reefs in an impacted world: Physiological responses of coral reef organisms to coastal pollution and global warming University of Bremen
Gunilla Baum PhD 2015 Multiple anthropogenic stressors in Indonesia:
Impacts on metabolism, spatial distribution and community composition of coral reef organisms
University of Bremen

Friedrich Meyer

PhD 2015 The physiology of coral reef calcifiers under local and global stressors University of Bremen
Simon Geist PhD 2013 Early life history traits of coastal pelagic fishes in the northern Benguela Current ecosystem off Namibia University of Bremen
Sebastian Ferse PhD 2008 Artificial reef structures and coral transplantation: fish community responses and effects on coral recruitment in North Sulawesi, Indonesia University of Bremen
Sascha Romatzki PhD 2008 Reproduction strategies of stony corals (Scleractinia) in an equator near, Indonesian coral reef: contributions for the reef restoration University of Bremen
Indra-Junaidi Zakaria PhD 2004 On the growth of newly settled corals on concrete substrates in coral reefs of Pisang and Pieh Islands West Sumatra, Indonesia IP Bogor / ZMT / University of Kiel
Unggul Aktani PhD 2003 Reef fish community structure as related to the degree of reef recovery following physical Reef destruction IP Bogor / University of Bremen 

Master students

Name  Degree  Year Title (Thesis / Final Report) Institution
Revathi Achuthan MSc 2022 Interactive Effects of Temperature and Salinity on Growth, Photosynthesis, Chlorophyll Content and Antioxidant Activity in Sea Grapes, Caulerpa lentillifera University of Bremen
Kim Anderle MSc 2021 The role of nutrients for the aquaculture of sea grapes (Caulerpa lentillifera) University of Bremen
Chironjib Samantha MSc 2021 Extreme cold temperature-induced oxidative stress and growth response in European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) at varying salinities University of Bremen
Brendan Elba MSc
2020 Investigation of the sea cucumber Holothuria scabra for bioremediation of aquaculture waste University of Bremen
David Brefeld MSc
2020 Extreme cold temperature-induced oxidative stress and growth response in European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) at varying salinities University of Bremen
Sarah Kempf MSc 2020 The physiological response of an Arctic key species Polar cod, Boreogadus saida, to environmental hypoxia: critical oxygen level and swimming performance University of Bremen
Kimberley Schwarz



2020 The effect of different nutrient concentrations on the physiology of sea grapes (Caulerpa lentillifera) in laboratory culture University of Bremen
Mondy Muhando


2019 The influence of an invasive seaweed species Gracilaria edulis on the growth performance of sea cucumber Holothuria scabra in an integrated mariculture: a case study in Bweleo Zanzibar - Tanzania ZMT, University of Bremen
Daisy Flores MSc (ISATEC) 2019  Improving the success of coral larval propagation by applying beneficial microbes in a novel ex-situ nursery system ZMT, University of Bremen
Nuri Max Steinmann MSc 2018 Insights into the population genetic structure of sandfish (Holothuria scabra) in Zanzibar, Tanzania EMBC+, University of Bremen
Diane Enkelmann MSc 2017 Physiological responses of marine invertebrates exposed to medication against parasitic diseases in ornamental fish (JBL Punktol Plus) ZMT, University of Rostock
Nina Paul MSc (ISATEC) 2016 Assessment of Temperature and Predation Stress on the Rock Goby (Gobius paganellus) ZMT, University of Bremen
Paula Senff MSc (ISATEC) 2016 Operationalizing the Social-Ecological Systems (SES) framework: A case study on Lombok, Indonesia ZMT, University of Bremen
Britt Ronen MSc (ISATEC) 2016 In situ oxygen dynamics of fish-coral interactions in the gulf of Eilat, northern Red Sea ZMT, University of Bremen
Elham Kamyab MSc (ISATEC) 2015 Thermal resistance of juvenile Holothuria scabra (Jaeger, 1833) with focus on biochemical indicators of metabolism and immune enzymes activities ZMT, University of Bremen
Hannah Moore MSc (ISATEC) 2015 Early fish colonization of artificial reef structures: who, when, and why? Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia ZMT, University of Bremen
Rashid Musa Imam MSc (ISATEC) 2015 Activity of key metabolic enzymes in early life stages of key fish species from the Northern Benguela Current Upwelling System ZMT, University of Bremen
Quang Huy Nguyen MSc 2014 Seasonal variability in abundance, distribution and diversity of coastal ichthyoplankton in the Nha Trang Bay, Vietnam (South China Sea) University of Hamburg
Nur Garcia Herrera MSc (ISATEC) 2014  Physiological effects of the mutualistic relationship between Dascyllus marginatus and Stylophora pistillata in the northern Red Sea ZMT, University of Bremen
Mary Namukose MSc (ISATEC) 2014 Holothuria scabra and Eucheuma denticulatum mariculture integration - effects on growth and sediment organic matter content: a case study from bweleo in Zanzibar, Tanzania. ZMT, University of Bremen
Nicole Herz MSc (ISATEC) 2014  High-performance liquid chromatography to determine thiocyanate in illegaly caught reef fish - a practical application in the field ZMT, University of Bremen
Riki Nakajima MSc (ISATEC) 2014 Temporal and Spatial Comparison of Scleractinian Coral Growth Rate in Spermonde Archipelago ZMT, University of Bremen
Godfrey Fabiani MSc (ISATEC) 2013 Community-led integrated polyculture of sea cucumber (Holothuria scabra) and seaweed (Kappaphycus alvarezii) at Ushongo, Pangani in Tanzania ZMT, University of Bremen
Johanna Wiedling MSc (ISATEC) 2013 Invertebrate recruitment and population connectivity in the Nha Trang Bay, Vietnam ZMT, University of Bremen
Kati Michalek MSc 2012 Activity of metabolic key enzymes in early life stages of Cape horse mackerels, Trachurus trachurus capensis from the Nothern Benguela Current Upwelling System University of Bremen
Marisol Beltran-Guitterez MSc (ISATEC) 2012 Integrated multitrophic aquaculture of seaweed Kappaphycus striatum and sea cucumber Holothuria scabra, Zanzibar, Tanzania University of Bremen
Pia Kegler MSc 2011 On the metabolic activity of the anemonefish Amphiprion ocellaris University of Bremen
Christoph Zimmer MSc 2010 Respiration und Korallenbleiche bei Porites lobata als mögliche Indikatoren für Stress aufgrund variierender Umweltparameter (Temperatur, pH und Nährstoffkonzentrationen) University of Bremen
Hendrik Monsees MSc (ISATEC) 2010 Einfluss von Licht auf die Nitrifikation mikrobieller Biofilme auf „Lebenden Steinen“ in marinen Zierfisch- aufzuchtanlagen University of Bremen
Lisa von Essen MSc (ISATEC) 2010 Assessment of sea cucumber farming as an alternative source of income for the local community in Likupang area, North Sulawesi, Indonesia ZMT, University of Bremen

Anne Buhmann

MSc 2009 Untersuchungen zum Phytoremediationspotential zweier Mangrovenarten University of Bremen
Sebastian Kaspers MSc 2009 Nutritional value of the shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei fed several feed additions University of Bremen
Andrea Wagner MSc 2009  Untersuchungen zur Stressphysiologie der Zooxanthellen aus der Riesenmuschel Tridacna spec. ZMT, University of Bremen
Christian Nebel MSc (ISATEC) 2009 River reef impact in Nha Trang Bay, Vietnam: The potential use of d15N/d13C isotopes as tracer of anthropogenic input in a heterogenic environment ZMT, University of Bremen
Niklas Lücke MSc (ISATEC) 2009 Contributions to the nutrient budget of a modified extensive shrimp farm in India, including the application of biofilters ZMT, University of Bremen
Tim Migawski MSc 2008 Vergleichende Untersuchungen zur Wachstums- und Sterblichkeitsrate bei juvenilen Hippocampus erectus und Hippocampus cf. reidi University of Oldenburg
Carmen Arndt MSc 2008 Beitrag zur Erhöhung von Nährstoffaufnahme und Produktion ungesättigter Fettsäuren in marinen Mikroalgen University of Bremen
Nur Fadli MSc (ISATEC) 2008 Use of modified coral rubble as medium for coral transplantation ZMT, University of Bremen
Sebastian Schmidt MSc 2007 In-Situ-Observation von Korallenrecruitment via Fluoreszenzfotografie in Indonesien University of Bremen
Marian Merckens MSc 2007 Der Einfluss der Temperatur auf den Standardstoffwechsel von Scorpaeniden am Beispiel Myoxocephalus scorpius University of Bremen
Bevis Fedder MSc (ISATEC) 2007 Assessment of global marine biodiversity indicators for the Global Environment Facility Resource Allocation Framework (GEF RAF) ZMT, University of Bremen
Ivan Fernando Angel MSc (ISATEC) 2007 Contributions to feed management in aquaculture of tropical sea urchin Lytechinus variegatus ZMT, University of Bremen
Armin Schlüter MSc 2005 Vergleichende Nährstoffuntersuchungen an Riesenmuscheln (Tridacna spec.) University of Bremen
Jocelyn Hernandez MSc (ISATEC) 2005 The effects of different lighting conditions and nutrient concentrations on the growth, survival and symbionts of juvenile giant clams Tridacna maxima and T. squamosa ZMT, University of Bremen
Neslihan Akbulut MSc (ISATEC) 2005 Comparison of different protein sources in shrimp feed in relation to shrimp growth and water quality ZMT, University of Bremen
Sebastian Ferse MSc (ISATEC) 2004 Rearing techniques for coral fragments in an ocean-based nursery: the use of cages ZMT, University of Bremen
Christian Neumann MSc (ISATEC) 2004 Contributions to the Yala Fisheries Management Plan - Key Characteristics of the Fishery in Kirinda, Sri Lanka ZMT, University of Bremen
Prathiba Mallu MSc (ISATEC) 2004 The influence of dietary protein on the growth performance of juvenile European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) cultured in a recirculation system ZMT, University of Bremen
Karin Schiefenhövel MSc (ISATEC) 2003 Post-harvest mortality in the marine aquarium trade: a case study at an Indonesian export facility ZMT, University of Bremen
Christiane Schmidt MSc (ISATEC) 2003 Reduction of post-harvest mortalities in an Indonesian export facility: a contribution to a sustainable marine aquarium trade ZMT, University of Bremen
José Gomez MSc (ISATEC) 2002 Maintaining fisheries resources off Yala National Park: a contribution based on historical, biological and socio-economic data ZMT, University of Bremen
Annika Mackensen MSc (ISATEC) 2002 Assessment of Sea Turtle Nesting and related Threats at Rekawa Bay, South Sri Lanka ZMT, University of Bremen
Iris Freytag MSc (ISATEC) 2001 Growth and mortality of Acropora nobilis (Anthozoa: Scleractinia) fragments in shallow waters of the Seribu Islands, Indonesia, using different attachment methods ZMT, University of Bremen
Christopher Slade MSc (ISATEC) 2001 The Ecology of Trichodinids (Ciliphora: Peritrichida) from Southwest Java, Indonesia with Taxonomic Descriptions ZMT, University of Bremen
Jeroen van Brugge MSc 1997 Rapid assessment of coral reefs University of Amsterdam

Undergraduate Students

Name  Degree  Year Title (Thesis / Final Report)  Institution
Mia Pribbernow BSc 2022 Physiological Response of Two Edible Green Seaweeds (Caulerpa lentillifera and Codium edule; Chlorophyta) to Different Photoperiods in Aquacul University of Bremen
Jasmin Tesani BSc 2022 Respirometric analysis of temperature tolerance in the endosymbiotic jellyfish Cassiopea andromeda University of Bremen
Annika Schmidt BSc 2020
Morphologische Charakteristika von Kappaphycus alvarezii (Rhodophyta) im Vergleich einer Tank- und Ozean-Kultur aus Vietnam
University of Bremen
Jonas Sommer BSc 2020 Effects of Different Light Intensities on the Antioxidant Potential of Sea Grapes (Caulerpa lentillifera; Chlorophyta) University of Bremen
Hannah Jacob BSc 2019 Physiological Responses of Different Reef-Dwelling Cnidaria and Isolated Zooxanthellae Under Elevated Seawater Temperatures University of Bremen
Laura Belter BSc 2019 Physiological Performance of Various Reef-Associated Cnidaria and Isolated Zooxanthellae at Elevated Seawater Temperatures University of Bremen
Katharina Berg BSc 2018 Response of zooxanthellae from different host organisms to increasing seawater temperatures University of Bremen
Dominic Osztermayer BSc 2018 Auswirkungen einer Sauerstoffübersättigung im Meerwasser auf die Respiration und fotosynthetische Effizienz des Modellorganismus Pocillopora damicornis University of Bremen
Jakob Sölter BSc 2018 Physiological responses of marine invertebrates and their symbionts under elevated seawater temperatures University of Göttingen
Christian Hohe BSc 2017  Biochemical analysis of dried seaweeds in context with sea cucumber aquaculture
University of Bremen
Pauline Beziat BSc 2017 The effect of environmental stressors on Cassiopea sp. Jellyfish – increased temperature and heavy-metal exposure Jacobs University
Yi-Shuan Huang BSc 2016 Establish RT-qPCR Assay to Quantify Heat Shock Protein 70 (Hsp70) mRNA in Sea Cucumber Species, Holothuria scabra Jacobs University
Jessica Petereit BSc 2016 Measurements of active metabolic rates of juvenile and adult clownfish Amphiprion frentatus at different oxygen concentrations University of Bremen
Nuri Max Steinmann BSc 2016 Identification of control genes for gene expression analysis in Holothuria scabra University of Bremen
Valeska Diemel BSc 2015 „Am Rand oder mittendrin?“ Embryonalentwicklung und Metabolismus bei Amphiprion ocellaris und Amphiprion frenatus University of Bremen
Nina Paul BSc 2013 Metabolische Schlüsselenzyme in frühen Lebensstadien der Anemonenfische (Amphiprion spec.) University of Rostock, IfB

Sonja Franziska Heeling

BSc 2013 Aktivität von Schlüsselenzymen des Stoffwechsels juveniler Entwicklungsstadien von Sardinops sagax und Engraulis capensis aus dem Nördlichen Benguela Auftriebsgebiet University of Bremen
Moritz Lürig BSc 2010  Effects of elevated temperature and CO2 -concentration on photosynthesis, respiration and calcification of the scleractinian coral Stylophora pistillata (Esper 1797)  University of Oldenburg

Diplom Theses (Diplomarbeiten)

Name  Degree  Year Title (Thesis / Final Report) Institution
Jana Michaelis Diplom 2012 Effects of fragmentation on the metabolism of scleractinian corals University of Bremen
Stefanie Grass Diplom 2009 Einfluss von Nitrat und verschiedenen Lichtbedingungen auf die Physiologie von Tridacna maxima und Tridacna squamosa University of Oldenburg
Isabelle Schulz
Diplom 2008 Biogeochemical studies of dissolved and particulate matter in the Tac River, Cai River and the bay of Nha Trang, Vietnam University of Bremen
Lars Hauptmann Diplom 2004 Untersuchung der Wachstumsraten asexuell vermehrter Kolonien hermatypischer Steinkorallen in einem geschlossenen Aquariensystem unter Berücksichtigung verschiedener Leuchtmittel und Strahlungsintensitäten University of Bremen
Markus Molis Diplom 1997 Untersuchung zur Anwendbarkeit der Indikator-Hypothese von Fischen der Familie Chaetodontidae an unterschiedlich stark gestörten Riffen vor der Küste Sumatras (Indonesien) ZMT / University of Kiel
Gerhard Maack Diplom 1996 Untersuchungen zur Fortpflanzungsbiologie von Encrasicholina punctifer (Fowler, 1938) (Engraulidae, Clupeiformes) vor der Westküste Sumatras, Indonesien ZMT / University of Bremen
Margit Busch Diplom 1995 Kultivierung von Kappaphycus alvarezii und Eucheuma denticulatum (Gigartinales, Rhodophyta) auf der Insel Pini (Westküste Sumatra, Indonesien) ZMT / University of Bremen
Anke Ortmann Diplom 1995 Beifänge in der Baganfischerei vor der Küste Padang’s (West Sumatra, Indonesien) ZMT / University of Bremen
Hans Rohdenburg Diplom 1995 Beitrag zur Baganfischerei und zur Bestandsabschätzung von Encrasicholina punctifer (Engraulidae, Pisces) vor der Küste Padang’s (West-Sumatra, Indonesien) ZMT / University of Bremen

Fellows / Other Guest Scientists