Beyond Blue Carbon

Coastal carbon storage has received increasing attention in the framework of the debate around blue carbon and the blue economy. Coastal carbon storage and fluxes are complex in their form and variable but connected in space and time. In a range of short presentations, we would like to give an overview on work of the geosciences department in this field and initiate a wider discussion on the concepts of blue carbon and coastal carbon storage. We plan to keep the seminar interesting to a wide, multidisciplinary audience at ZMT and welcome a broad discussion afterwards.

12:00: Nils Moosdorf: Short intro
12:05: Tim Jennerjahn: Blue Carbon' - what do we count and what not?
12:20: Tim Rixen: Carbon footprints: Challenges in quantification human impacts on the carbon cycle within the 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ)
12:35: Henry Wu, Merleen Stuhr: The 'white' elephant in the room - What about carbonates and the inorganic carbon fraction in blue carbon science?
12:50: Nils Moosdorf, Murugan Ramasamy: Olive-green carbon: Weathering olivine powder as a long-term negative emission technology
13:05: General discussion
13:30 End

The seminar will place virtually here: