COLLAB – A Boardgame for Interdisciplinary Collaborators and Co-conspirators

Come join us as we explore COLLAB, a boardgame that fosters interdisciplinary collaboration with its co-developer Prof. Dr. Silja Klepp. COLLAB encourages a playful reflection of different backgrounds in interdisciplinary teams, in order to improve communication and collaboration. With COLLAB, you can address, discuss, compare, and exchange ideas about disciplinary principles and foundations. This allows you and your research team to create productive and effective communication and gain new insights. You can play COLLAB with your colleagues in research settings or at graduate schools. It is especially helpful for new interdisciplinary research teams and developing a new project idea. At the lunch meeting, we will play COLLAB and discuss the MANIFESTO for good interdisciplinary collaborations that comes with the game.

Silja Klepp is a Professor of Human Geography at Kiel University. She is a trained social anthropologist. Her research group "Social Dynamics in Coastal and Marine Areas" deals with human-environment relations in the Anthropocene. In her current research on climate change migration and adaptation, she integrates postcolonial perspectives and critical theories in the study of social effects of climate change. Together with others she co-founded the transdisciplinary network of environmental justice: EnJust ( In order to achieve inclusive and creative ways of science, she works with transdisciplinary approaches and artistic research.