How to get your papers published and how to referee papers

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This workshop will guide authors through the process of writing and reviewing papers for international journals. Based on the presenters’ large experience of writing, editing and refereeing papers the workshop will attempt to give guidelines for the nature of papers published and the content of each section in a paper in order to help authors succeed in publishing.

We will discuss:

  • the nature and attractiveness of the title and the contents of the Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion sections;
  • the choice of the journal;
  • the difference between a Nature/Science and a "normal" paper;
  • the features looked for by editors;
  • the way of presenting information to make the paper more citable, valuable and attractive;
  • why papers may be rejected outright by international peer-reviewed journals;
  • citation indices and impact factors;
  • the means of choosing referees, the role and responsibility of referees, the way to referee a paper and the ways to help the editors;
  • the role and responsibility of the editors;
  • the process of publishing a paper from submission to appearing in print;
  • the process and the importance of refereeing.

The workshop will be accompanied by a Powerpoint presentation which will be available to participants.

The workshop will be of value especially to young researchers and those less-experienced in publishing their work.

The workshop will be interactive and give the participants the chance to pass on their experience.

Please register for the workshop (free of charge) using the online registration form.