Marine Interdisciplinarity. What is it? What do we want it to be? How do we nurture it?


Why do we aim for interdisciplinary research, what type of interdisciplinary interaction do we aim for and what are some of its main challenges? For jointly reflecting on these questions, Anna-Katharina Hornidge draws on some of the conceptual discussions on interdisciplinarity, its potentials, limitations and some of the challenges in achieving it in the literature and links these to the field of marine and coastal sciences. The talk aims to spur discussion and joint reflection on what types of interdisciplinarity we practice at ZMT, which we aim for and how to possibly address some of the challenges. It does not claim to define ZMT's interdisciplinarity or to offer a recipe for 'successful' interdisciplinarity. Instead it offers an insight into some of the logics and modes of interdisciplinarity empirically observed and conceptualised by science scholars based on other interdisciplinary research institutes and looks for a joint discussion on what that means for ZMT.