The Agbogbloshie Project: Ecological impacts of electronic waste management strategies on aquatic organisms in a highly polluted area (TAP)

Unregulated electronic waste (e-waste) recycling operations have become a critical environmental and human health risk issue, especially in developing countries. This study will utilize a transdisciplinary team of international and local scientists and other stakeholders to assess pollution in Agbogbloshie e-waste recycling site in Ghana, follow its pathways to organisms, and develop practical options to improve the environmental situation. We expect the proposed research to produce much-needed findings about the behaviour of toxic pollution in the environment and its mobility and accumulation in the food chain. Additionally, this study will increase understanding of the risks and impacts of e-waste on environment, ecosystems and local food production at the Agbogbloshie site to provide very practicable evidence-based advice for management decisions on best practices.