Potential avenues to research commercialisation

Universities and non-adademic reserach institutions are a huge source of potential innovations. However, due to a lack of awareness, knowledge and also time and money, a lot of untapped potential is still waiting within the laboratories to be brought to light beyond the boarders of the research world and to be commercialised and transferred to the market. If you want to gain insights into the basic priciples of technology transfer, join the seminar "Identifying the Business Potential in your Research  - An introduction into Technology Transfer" by Nadine Schmieder-Galfe.

The seminar will give you an overview on potential avenues to commercialise your research results from academic institutions, and provide you with brief insides what to consider when entering  the different paths of licensing or spin-off generation. It is the basis for an upcoming two-days workshop in June, to which selected researchers will be invited to get hands-on training to unravel the business potential of their research technologies and ideas.

Nadine Schmieder-Galfe is an expert in technology transfer. She trains international life science researchers and gives workshops worldwide on tech transfer relevant topics, including intellectual property (patents, trademarks, etc.), business modelling, entrepreneurship, as well as funding and venture capital investments. She is a trained biotechnologist with an additional MBA in the field of economics and law. Together with a team from Technische Universität Dresden, she has founded her first spin-off ZELLMECHANIK DRESDEN GmbH in 2015, and has recently be awarded the Saxon Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award.