Annette Breckwoldt

Dr. Annette Breckwoldt

Programme Area Lead (PA 5), Senior Scientist

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28359 Bremen
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Lebenslauf: Dr. Annette Breckwoldt


- Marine social sciences
- Science-Stakeholder Interactions
- Reef passages
- Integrated coastal management
- Small-scale fisheries
- Local marine resource use and management realities
- Environment and development in small island states
- Island Studies
- Environmental perceptions
- Inter- and transdisciplinarity: Interfaces Ecology / Social Sciences / Human Geography


Most recent:

Partelow, S., Schlüter, A., Ban, N.C., Batterbury, S., Bavinck, M, Bennett, N.J., Bleischwitz, R., Blythe, J., Bogusz, T., Breckwoldt, A., Cinner, J.E., Glaser, M., Govan, H., Gruby, R., Hatje, V. , Hornidge, A.-K., Hovelsrud, G.K., Kittinger, J.N., Kluger, L.C., Kochalski, S., Mawyer, A., McKinley, E., Olsen, J., Pittman, J., Riechers, M., Riekhof, M.-C., Schwerdtner Manez, K., Shellock, R.-J., Siriwardane-de Zoysa, R., Steins, N.A., Van Assche, K., and S. Villasante (2023). Five social science intervention areas for ocean sustainability initiatives. npj Ocean Sustainability 2:24,

Breckwoldt, A., Ratter, B., Wang, W.-C., and H. von Storch (2023). Editorial: Fishing for Human Perceptions in Coastal and Island Marine Resource Use Systems – Volume II. Editorial, Front. Mar. Sci. - Marine Conservation and Sustainability.

Fache, E. and A. Breckwoldt (2023). Women’s Active Engagement with the Sea Through Fishing in Fiji. Anthropological Forum, (SI ‘Environment & Socialities in Oceania: Practices of Transformation & Cooperation’)

Fache, E. and A. Breckwoldt (2023). Recherches émergentes, Rapport de projet : A Sea of Connections: Contextualizing Fisheries in the South Pacific Region (SOCPacific). Journal de la Société des Océanistes 156: 109-115.


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Projects and Responsibilities

  • Seit März 2019: ZMT's Frauen- und Gleichstellungsbeauftragte
  • Seit Januar 2021: Member of ZMT's Scientific Council (Wissenschaftlicher Rat - WiR)
  • 2023-2025: Co-PI PASSES-Project (Reef PASsages within coastal Social-Ecological Systems: Implications for biodiversity conservation and fisheries sustainability in the Southwest Pacific)
  • 2018-2022 & 2024-2027: German PI on binational French-German Research Projects SOCPacific & SOCPacific2R (together with Dr. Elodie Fache as French PI)

SOCPacific1   Our Project Website:

  • 2024-2027: WP1+6 Co-Lead on the biodiversa+ project MOOBYF (Monitoring Open-Ocean BiodiversitY with Fishers) (together with Dr. Manuela Capello as PI and Dr. Sebastian Ferse as WP Co-Lead)



  • Associated scientist for science-stakeholder interactions at Alfred-Wegener-Institute Helmholtz Center for Polar and Marine Research (AWI), Bremerhaven, Germany
  • Associate Editor Marine Conservation and Sustainability, Frontiers in Marine Science
  • Editorial Board Member: Pacific Geographies, Journal of Marine and Island Cultures, Ocean and Society
  • Co-Chair, IMBER Human Dimension Working Group (with Ass. Prof. Dr. Samiya Selim), Integrated Marine Biospere Research (IMBeR)

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