Teaching Online. The Challenge of Digital Education (Online)

    • Date: September 21, 12-16h
    • Target Group: All ZMT staff teaching online and facilitating online workshops
    • Course Description: see here
    • Instructor: Dr. Lisa Heindl (external instructor)

Sequencing whole genomes has become feasible even for small labs, with wideranging
applications in many fields, from medicine to conservation biology. However,
the hurdles in the form of technical expertise required to sequence, process and
analyze genome data remain high.

This course will provide a broad overview over the basics of genome research, aimed
at researchers with little or no prior experience. The first session will cover how to plan
a genome project, what sequencing technologies are out there, and what the basic
workflow looks like. Practical exercises will include an introduction to the command line
and how to process the raw data using bioinformatic tools.

The second day will focus
on more downstream steps, like genome assembly and annotation, and will end with a
general discussion of best practices regarding data management and sharing.


Please register until Jun 16 under the following link.

Content of the Course:

Not only workshops but also panel meetings, scientific conferences and PhD defenses can take place virtually and scientists need to be prepared.During this 3 hour seminar, participants familiarize themselves with techniques to engage digital audiences, to manage digital conference rooms and to gain confidence as online public speakers.  The course is also designed for people who have already experience in presentations and virtual settings but would like to excel. The experienced trainer, Dr. Lisa Heindl, will cover the following topics with you:

Crafting an Online Presentation

  • Creating persuasive and memorable presentations for conferences, colloquia or defenses
  • Creating and holding attention of the audience


  • Presenting yourself online
  • Self-confidence & presentation nerves


  • Managing digital conference rooms
  • Creating presentation videos
  •   Making use of external apps
  • Digital visualization techniques

Workshop participants receive a general overview of research data management in all phases of the research cycle - from project planning and data analysis to data publication and archiving. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to delve into specific topics depending on their expertise and interest. Lecturer Dr. Birte Pfeiffer is a data curator in our DigiZ - Research Data Infrastructure working group.